Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Recently I've been feeling especially isolated. I'm essentially stranded at our house (or at least within reasonable walking distance) with the 2 kids all day. Again, I'm reminded of how different the lifestyle is here compared to Chicago. There, I'd be able to walk to meet up with friends or go to the grocery. Here, life just doesn't function without a car. I'm thankful for the car we do have and that our home is comfortable and a good place to be with my children. I partially blame myself for my isolation because I haven't reached out to anyone about it. But I also feel like there's a breakdown of what our community should look like because most people here don't even think about someone not having (or having access to) a car.  Not that having another car would make life perfect, but it sure would help break the monotony and help me and the kiddos get to spend more time with other people.  I guess it's my sinful pride that keeps me from asking people to come to us. I don't want to be the needy, overdramatic, whiny stay at home mom that expects people to drop all that they've got going on to come rescue me from loneliness and seclusion. That said, I am needy. And overdramatic. And sometimes whiny about it. I'm not sure how to end this, so, The End.