Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Parents' Visit & Roman Shade Tutorial

My parents visited this past weekend and helped us get some major projects done!  My dad and Jon installed some new cabinets, built shelves & put doors on the gaping holes in our kitchen!  

My mom and I tackled making roman shades for the breakfast room and kitchen windows.  We basically did a modified version of this tutorial from Little Green Notebook on making roman shades from mini-blinds.  I didn't take any process pictures, but I still have one more to make for the laundry room, so I'll try to remember to take pictures then!  

Here's a shot of how the fabric drapes over the mini-blind bar at the top.  The fabric is glued to the back of that bar and then just drapes over the top and front. 

 The finished shades turned out so great!  I am super pleased with the results.  

This is the back of the blind.  You can see where the ribs are glued to the fabric. 

And here you can see the seam on the side of the patterned fabric and the lining fabric. This was a key difference in our method and the LGN method.  My mom was adamant about having them lined, so after cutting our fabric to size, she sewed them together and then ironed them nice and flat and we glued the ribs to the back of the lining.  

We are so thankful for all the help my parents have given and continue to give us!  (I think they also enjoyed spending more time with Seth. :) )